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Solar Installations in San Francisco

At Simply Solar, our mission is to help our communities make the switch to clean, independent energy through reliable, high-quality solar panel installations. As the Bay Area’s leading solar energy provider, we’re experienced in both residential and commercial solar projects of every shape and size. We offer a customized approach to solar and comprehensive maintenance plans necessary to generate a real ROI. We’re also proud to use only the highest-quality products in our solar panel installations, so we can be confident that you’re getting a system you can count on.

About Our Solar Panels

At Simply Solar, we use some of the highest-quality solar panels on the market. While solar panels are available in monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film, we only use monocrystalline panels because they’re the most efficient panel available, generating power at 20% efficiency or greater as opposed to the 13-16% efficiency of polycrystalline. This means your system will generate more power and last longer, leading to higher savings and ROI. We’re proud to use Silfab and LG solar panels on our projects, both of which are industry-leading manufacturers.

Mono-Crystalline Solar Panel Benefits


  • Most efficient 
  • Made by growing silicon around a pure silicon sample, which gives panels a steady high output of power
  • Space efficient 
  • Produces up to 4X the amount of electricity as thin-film 
  • Longest lifespan 
  • Performs better than polycrystalline in low light conditions. 
  • Efficiency: 20% 

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Solar Roof Installation Types

No matter what the material or design of your roof and home, we will create a customized installation plan to help you get the most out of your solar system. We use a variety of mounting systems and installation techniques depending on the specifics of the project, and we can easily install solar panels on any roof type, including the following:

Composite Shingle Roofs

Spanish Title Roofs

Metal Roof

Other Roof Types
Foam Roofs

Steel Tile Roofs

Tar & Gravel Roofs

Flat Concrete Tile Roofs

TPO Roofs

Mounting Equipment:

We utilize specific mounting products per roof type to ensure that we are able to install solar on any roof. Some of the products we utilize include:

  • S-5!
  • Quick Mount PV
  • Solar Roof Hook 
  • IronRidge

Solar System Accessories

At Simply Solar, we pride ourselves on creating customized plans for each individual solar system in order to best utilize the space and create the highest possible ROI for our clients. That’s why in addition to using industry-leading solar panels and installing on virtually every roof type, we also offer a variety of accessories and extras to your solar system. We offer 48V and 400V solar energy storage systems, giving you the potential to store backup power and power your home at night. Plus, our solar inverters are designed to measure and manage solar power for maximum efficiency and ROI.

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We’re proud to offer a wide range of industry-leading products on our solar systems, but ultimately, it’s the customization and personalization of your system that will maximize its efficiency. Take the first step towards energy independence and long-term ROI by making the switch to clean, renewable, and cost-effective power. Schedule your free solar savings consultation today!

Questions? Call Us (707) 285-7037

We are Here to Help You! 24/7

We take pride in the products we sell. Representing one of the leading solar companies in Sonoma County, our passionate team of installers and solar consultants give you a professional and simple process from start to finish, for any size solar project.

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