Solar Maintenance Tips

Solar Panel Maintenance 101

Whether you’re installing solar panels for your home or your business, how you maintain your equipment will have a major impact on the lifespan and performance of your system. Routine, preventive maintenance is essential for solar power arrays, and the more proactive you are with your maintenance, the more effective your system will be.

Thankfully, the actual maintenance and repairs needed by solar panels is usually minimal. Solar panels have no moving parts, and thanks to the advanced manufacturing techniques used in our industry-leading solar panels, they’re designed to last and will lose only a minimal amount of output power per year. Most of our solar panel systems run for upwards of 25-30 years with little to no maintenance or repairs needed.


Regular Visual Inspections


Clean Your Solar Panels


Be Mindful of Shade

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1. Regular Visual Inspections

Solar panels are often placed high up on roofs, which makes them difficult to see and access.

Even so, it’s important to visually inspect your solar panels on a regular basis, usually once a year. As you inspect your system, look for any damage from debris, and in particular look for buildup of pollen or dirt on the panels, as this can limit their efficiency.

2. Clean Your Solar Panels

The main component of solar panel maintenance is keeping them clean, and this is remarkably easy – all you need to do is wash them off with a garden hose to get rid of:

  • Dust
  • Dirt
  • Pollen
  • Debris.

We recommend washing your solar panels at least once per year to keep them at peak performance.

3. Be Mindful of Shade

When we install your solar panels, we’ll design the layout to maximize sun exposure & power production. However, as trees grow and surrounding buildings change, it’s possible for the shade profile on your panels to change over time.

Be sure to monitor the balance of sun and shade on your solar panels over the lifetime of the system, and if things start to get too shady, do what you can to maximize sun exposure. Your solar panels should be in direct sunlight for as many hours per day as possible to maximize power production and cost savings.

Solar System Operations & Maintenance

It is encouraged by solar professionals to have routine maintenance of your solar system to ensure peak productivity. Solar operations and maintenance encompasses the various types of services required to keep your solar system producing for years.

When choosing your solar maintenance provider you should look for professionals who use the highest quality products, have a proven track record and employ in-house technicians.


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